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So You Want to Stop Snoring?

Is there anything more aggravating than being kept awake night after night by a bed partner who snores or gasps for air in their sleep? While this is an annoyance for those around the person snoring, it can be life threatening for the snorer.

A condition known as Sleep Apnea often accompanies snoring. Sleep Apnea is a lack of breathing which results in depriving the brain of oxygen. This can lead to heart attack, stroke and death. Most patients report drowsiness, memory loss and overall lack of energy.

We often hear, “The more I sleep, the more tired I become.” Studies have shown that many fatigue-related automobile and commercial truck accidents directly relate to snoring/sleep apnea.

Snoring is curable by wearing a removable dental device which holds the lower jaw forward during sleep. In 76% of our cases, sleep apnea can also be corrected by the same device.

This device is far more comfortable and much less invasive than then the alternatives:

  • CPAP – a breathing device attached to the face during sleep
  • Soft palate surgery
  • Maxillo-facial surgery and orthodontics

An important distinction should be recognized—Snoring by itself is easily treated and needs no medical workup. Sleep Apnea is potentially life threatening and is diagnosed through history and sleep studies.

To determine if this anti-snoring device is an option for you we require a comprehensive, complimentary examination. If you are a candidate we will then take impressions of your mouth and measure the movement of your jaw’s hinge and send a prescription to a laboratory to fabricate the device. You will return to our office approximately two weeks later for delivery and instructions on the use and care of your new appliance.

Rest assured, you, and others in your household, CAN once again have a peaceful night’s sleep. Call to make your appointment today!

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