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The Affordability of Orthodontics

Once upon a time, orthodontic treatment was available only to the wealthy. After all, in the 1930’s braces cost as much as a HOUSE! In the 1940’s braces cost as much as a Cadillac! Can you image how many people could not afford necessary treatment today at prices comparable to those of the past?

Today orthodontics may be the best bargain available anywhere. It most definitely is the best bargain in health care. Why is it so affordable for most families today? Over the years, the braces themselves have become much more sophisticated and “patient friendly.” Even as late as the 1960s, it would take three to five appointments over a several month period to place braces on all the teeth. They literally were made as you went along- fitting, welding, refitting, soldering, refitting, cementing, etc. The patient was in the chair for hours at a time. And then, the braces were still not very good. They bent and distorted very easily, causing spaces between the braces and the teeth, which allowed decalcification (white spots) and decay to form on the teeth. Appointments were needed every two weeks.

With new technology, braces have “prescriptions” built into them, meaning that the orthodontist does not have to bend wires for each tooth. Additionally, braces can now be bonded directly to the outside surfaces of teeth instead of having a metal band cemented totally around the tooth. Appointments do not last nearly as long. Braces can be placed on the teeth in one appointment of as little as forty minutes to one hour. The interval between subsequent appointments can be as long as ten or twelve weeks.

A very important factor in keeping costs to a minimum is the use of Registered Dental Assistants. These professionals attend Dental Assisting School and must satisfactorily pass State Board Examinations, both written and clinical. Our offices have employed these individuals not only in clinical areas but also at the front desk, in administrative areas, and in our x-ray and appliance laboratory. Our employees are true professionals, who attend many more courses yearly to keep their licenses current. The advances in wires that cause teeth to move have also aided in controlling costs. These wires provide a very gentle force over a long period of time, minimizing soreness and the frequency of visits.

Portalupi Orthodontics provides gentle treatment in the shortest amount of time with minimal interference in work or school schedules. We use the most esthetic braces available at very affordable fees. Call our office to see how affordable great orthodontics can be.

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